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Yobe State University, Damaturu, Nigeria

Degree Requirement

  1. Students begin to earn the grade they will ultimately receive in the course at the first lecture meeting. Scores on examinations primarily will determine the course grade which is assigned on a straight-percentage basis. However, class/practical participation and attendance shall also be considered in the final course grade. Students must keep pace with their volume of work as the semester progresses.
  2. Students should bring their textbook, lecture notebook, pencil/pen, calculator and all other necessary materials to each class/practical meeting. If you are unable to attend class/practical meeting, all discussed material and all assignments are your responsibilities. Regular classroom and laboratory practical attendance are mandatory.
  3. Learning chemistry requires daily study, practice and drill therefore students must put extra effort to study outside of lecture. Outside work includes assigned readings, doing assignments, review of lecture notes, correction of any deficiencies, etc. Study groups can also help the student master course concepts, reaction mechanisms and formulae.
  4. Students should take adequate lecture notes, and these should be reviewed as soon as possible after class; Power Point slide presentations, hand-outs and lectures-alone are not sufficient. Any questions you may have can be resolved with the lecturer at lecture, tutorial or during office hours.
  5. Any student with an examination grade of D, E or F should consult with the lecturer to ascertain the basis for their low performance. Prompt action is most prudent.
  6. If an examination is missed, a score of zero (0) shall be used during final grade computation. No make-up examinations shall be given after the scheduled date of the main examination.
  7. Preparation for the final examination will begin with the first class meeting.
  8. Mental discipline and repetition are important in the learning process. Students should discipline themselves to perform at their optimal level in this course.
  9. Students are only allowed to add/drop or withdraw from any course during a specified period. Students wishing to change course of study within the faculty, such as change from BSc. Biology to BSc. Chemistry must get clearance from the Heads of Departments concerned, the Dean of the faculty and finally appropriate University authority after payment of prescribed fee.


The duration of the BSc Chemistry degree programme is four years for UTME candidates and three years for Direct Entry; and may be extended by additional 50% of normal duration if a student fails to graduate within the stipulated period.